Town Hall

Lynn Salmons | City Clerk


 As the City Clerk, Lynn is responsible for conducting the daily business activities of the Town. Her duties include the financial management of the Clerk’s office and implementation of town policies. Along with the Mayor, She prepares the Town’s budget, executes any assignments given by the Council, keeps records of Council proceedings and handles correspondence on behalf of the Town. Lynn also has official responsibility for accounting for all receipts and disbursements in regard to the Town funds. She prepares a variety of financial records and is responsible for human resources, payroll and investments. 

Tammy Wolfe | Utility Clerk


 Tammy is responsible for conducting several daily business activities for the Town of Ceredo. As Utility Clerk, she is responsible for maintaining utility customer account files, reviewing and correcting change listings to insure accuracy. As well as the preparation of the B&O Tax Forms, Building Permits, and working with West Virginia American Water to maintain accurate readings for Ceredo’s sewer customers. She greets the public in person or via telephone, responding to questions and requests and referring complex issues to the appropriate person, giving directions and taking messages where appropriate. Works as a cashier receiving utility payments, balancing cash drawer daily. Tammy is also a certified notary.